How to find COVID-19 related funding opportunities

Access our ever growing list of COVID-19 / Coronavirus grants

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COVID-19 opportunities will automatically be added to your projects if they also match any of your existing criteria. COVID-19 grants will also have some restrictions, especially based on geography and topic area, so when a COVID-19 grants pops up on your project, be sure to check it out. And, as always, be sure to make sure your "location of project" and "fields of work" fields on your project and your "location of organization or residency" on your profile are up-to-date.

If you would like to see ALL grants that are COVID-19 related you can either:

  • Monitor this list of all our COVID- 19 opportunities:

  • Edit a project to include "Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Aid" as an additional "field of work" on the project, since all our COVID-19 grants are tagged with it. Note that this will also include other non-COVID-19 Disaster Relief / Humanitarian grants.

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