We just released five new features!

Say hello to a new Navigation, Task Assignments, Customized Reports, Duplicate Projects and Grant Owner Assignments.

New Navigation

We’ve cleaned up our navigation to focus more on your overall projects.

To access your Matches, click on any Project’s name to reach the Tracker and then navigate to your Matches tab.

On the Tracker tab, you can still view Saved grants by Status using the View All, Applications, and Researching tabs that now live next to the Years selection.

Task Assignments

We’ve improved tasks so that you can assign them to teammates. This way, they’ll be notified right away!

Select multiple team members to receive email notifications:

Customized Reports

Reporting has also improved to become more comprehensive. Now you can customize your reports to include opportunities you’ve previously hidden:

You can also customize the range of time you'd like your report to be focused on. Click on “Select years” to choose a specific date range to report on:

Duplicate Projects

Need to copy a project quickly? Now you can when you click into your “Edit project” button and then proceed to click the new “Duplicate project” button.

This can be a great way for you to save time when setting up new projects on your account.

Grant Owner Assignments

New on our Standard and Professional Plans, you can assign an “Owner” to a grant. This helps increase collaboration across your team, especially if you have different team members tackling different grant proposals.

To do so, click into an individual grant you’ve saved and then “Select Owner”:

You’ll be able to see who is responsible for the grant directly on your Tracker:

Filter by "Owner" by selecting the down arrow to the right of "NAME":

We’re excited for you to play around with these new features! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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