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Why do I see multiple profiles under Organization Profile?
Why do I see multiple profiles under Organization Profile?

Learn how to assign projects to the correct organization profile

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If you are setting up a new project, you'll now be asked to assign that project to an Organization Profile.

You'll notice the options for Organization Profile are tied to individual user profiles.

Where did these profiles come from?

These profiles were first created when each user in your account signed up and designated the organization's location themselves. However, we realized it was redundant to ask each user to fill out the org's location since your organization only has one headquarters, a.k.a the county that your 501c3 designation address is tied to.

Starting today, we're asking you to consolidate/merge all your profiles into the account manager's profile. Just so you know, your existing projects aren't impacted.

You'll still be able to designate your program's service areas under your Project Locations. This is a second location criteria (separate from org location), that can be found under Edit Project > Page 2. Project Details > Project Location.

Here's how to consolidate your organization profiles:

  1. Navigate to your bottom left Account > Organization Profile

  2. Hit the "Edit" icon on the account manager's profile (first row)

4. You'll want the location answer here to reflect the county that your 501c3 address is tied to.

You do NOT want to leave it broadly to the state level, or country level. So if your 501c3 address is in San Francisco, CA you would select "San Francisco County, California" and REMOVE any tags that broadly say "California" or broadly say "United States.

If this is already the case, you can move on to the next step.

6. Hit "Save"

Once you've added your headquarters to the account manager's profile, you will now be able to create a new project and tie that project to the account manager's profile.

If the work that this project is affecting is based in more areas, you'll be able to designate those additional service areas when you get to Page 2 of the project set up - "Which areas does your project serve?"

You'll want to get as specific as possible here too, down to the county level.

Once you have updated your account manager’s profile, please go back and tie all of your historical projects to the updated Account Manager’s profile.

To do this, click into your other project’s names > Edit Project > page 1 > tie to the Account Manager’s profile (instead of your own profile).

Once you have tied all of your projects to the updated Account Manager’s profile, please go to your Account > Profile and delete your own profile (now that it’s not tied to any projects).

What if I work with multiple clients and need different profiles for each one?

If you are a freelance grant writing consultant and created a different user profile for each of your clients, you can switch over to our new consultant plans to continue editing multiple profiles. Consultant plans were designed to make it easier to manage multiple clients within Instrumentl, including clients with different locations and fiscal years. As soon as you switch to a consultant plan, you will be able to edit any of your existing profiles.

To switch to a consultant plan, navigate to our Pricing Page > Consultant tab > Choose a Plan > Check out. Note that even though the checkout summary will display a total, you will not be charged anything and your subscription costs will remain the same, unless you upgrade to a higher tiered plan.

Send us a message in the chat if you have any questions!

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