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Filter your Matches by location of project or residency
Filter your Matches by location of project or residency

Learn how to narrow down your Matches and filter out state/national funders.

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Instrumentl provides you with a comprehensive list of Funding Opportunity Matches. Filtering these matches by location can help you refine your search.

You now have the ability to filter by location of project, or filter by location of residency.

What is the difference between Location of Project and Location of Residency?

Instrumentl takes two places into consideration when matching you to funders, location of project and location of residency.

Location of residency is the place your organization, or your client’s organization, is based.

If you’re a nonprofit, this place can be found by going to Account > Organization Profile.

If you’re a consultant, this can be found by going to Account > Client Profiles.

For example, we can see the nonprofit below is registered in both New York County, New York and San Francisco County, California.

Location of project describes where the nonprofit’s project is taking place, or its service areas. You can access the place you have selected by going into ‘Edit project'.

For example, we can see that the project takes place in both Albany County and Sonoma County.

How does it work?

When reviewing the Matches for your project, you’ll see both the location of residency and location of project as filtering options. Filtering by either location will narrow down your results to funders who include that location in their overall geographic eligibility.

Toggling on ‘exact matches only’ will narrow down your matches further to those that specifically call out that place, instead of simply calling out the broader state or broader country.

For our example, we can filter down our matches to those that include Albany County, New York in the eligibility criteria.

Since we toggled ‘Exact matches only’ on, our matches will now only show those that specifically call out Albany County.

In other words, toggling on “exact matches only” for a specific county will weed out national matches or state matches.

In the case that you only have one location for either the project or residency, you’ll notice the checkbox is grayed out. This is because our matching algorithm automatically pairs you with funding opportunities that include that criteria.

Notice how you can still toggle ‘Exact matches only’ to further slim down the list to those that specifically call out that place.

For example, notice below how the only place our organization is registered in is San Francisco County. This means all of our matches will include this location of residency.

Toggling on ‘Exact matches only’ will filter out those that include the United States or California and don’t specifically call out San Francisco County.

Curious about Strict Location Preferences filtering? Check out this article here.

If you have questions about filtering matches by location of residency or project, feel free to send us a message using the chat bubble or email us at [email protected].

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