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Where are hidden grants located?
Where are hidden grants located?

Once I hide them, where are they located? How can I find them again?

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Hiding grants is a great way to remove ones that aren't a good fit for your project or organization from your Match results. Additionally they won't appear for future cycles. For example, if you hide a PetSmart opportunity in 2024, its 2025 cycle will be hidden as well.

But where do they go? Situations and objectives can always change and a previously hidden opportunity can suddenly become relevant. Good news! They're never permanently removed from view so you can always go back to them at your convenience.

Grants can be hidden in from a specific project or from all projects, which influences where we place them within the Tracker.

Grants hidden from all projects are located on your main Tracker page at the end of the left-hand navigation column that lists all of your projects.

Opportunities that are hidden from specific projects will be located within that project.

Just go to that project's Matches:

And then look for the Hidden from This Project section:

This will show all your Hidden Opportunities hidden from that particular project alone.

If you run into any questions, reach out through the chat bubble :)

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