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Instrumentl Referral Program FAQs
Instrumentl Referral Program FAQs

Everything there is to know about our amazing referral program!

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Instrumentl's referral program is a great way to help a friend and their nonprofit.

As a referrer, you get unlimited invites to send to a friend credit for 1-month of Instrumentl Basic.

This means your friend will get two weeks on the Standard Plan during their standard 14-day trial, along with a 1-month credit of our Basic Plan. Your friend can use that credit towards 4-weeks on our Basic Plan after their 14-day trial, or upgrade to the Standard Plan and cover the difference in price

How does it work?

  1. Find your account's unique referral link to share here: All members of your team will have access to the same link.

  2. Share your personal link via email, Facebook, and Twitter (learn how). You can refer as many people as you want!

  3. Anyone you share Instrumentl with can sign up for their own account by following your personal link. They will be able to use your referral link once.

  4. Keep track of all the folks who’ve signed up and who’ve become Instrumentl subscribers here: Consider this your own personal referral dashboard!

Note: Instrumentl's referral program is designed for users with an active subscription. Users on a free trial account do not have access to a personal referral link to share. To subscribe to Instrumentl and get started, visit our pricing page.

Referral Program Eligibility

Referred Users

To be eligible for the one-month of Instrumentl as a "referred user":

  • A referred user must not have a prior account on Instrumentl

  • A referred user must sign up for an Instrumentl account starting from the personalized link of an active subscriber, and following Instrumentl's normal account creation steps

Referring Users

To be eligible to gift a one month of Instrumentl:

  • You must have an active subscription with Instrumentl (subscribe here)

Additional Information

  • Instrumentl has the right to deny the month gifted if the referral program is being abused in any way by referring or referred users.

  • Instrumentl may change the terms of the referral program at any time.

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