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Recipient profiles / Reverse search

Learn about how you can reverse search a nonprofit similar to yours to find their funders

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Easily separate Recipient Profiles from Funder Profiles and do a reverse search to find similar nonprofits to yours and see who funded them.

First, look up a nonprofit similar to yours in the QuickFind, in the top left corner of your home screen. From the QuickFind results, click on their 990 report:

To the right of the organization name, toggle down to "View Recipient Profile" and scroll down to Past Awards Received.

This represents a list of funders that funded the nonprofit - including the funder's location, how much was awarded, and the purpose of that grant. From this list of new prospects, you can click on any funder name to further research its giving history and potential active opportunities in Instrumentl.

The Standard Plan will be constantly improving over time - this is just the beginning!

To upgrade to the Standard Plan, log in to Instrumentl and navigate to

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