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Learn how to narrow down your matches based on field of work keywords

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Filtering down grant matches can save you a ton of time in identifying the best opportunities for you to pursue. That’s why we’ve introduced fields of work filtering.

How does this work?

When you set up a project in Instrumentl, you select field of work keywords that match you to funders and funding opportunities.

For example, below, you can see the two fields of work, ‘Animal Welfare - Domestic Animals & Pets’ and ‘Human-Animal Interactions & Therapy’, selected for our project:

When reviewing the matches, we see the ability to narrow down by these same fields of work in the filter options.

If we were to check off one of these fields of work, our matches would filter down to just grant opportunities that contain that specific field of work, or one of its umbrella keywords.

For example, if we were to select the field of work, ‘Animal Welfare - Domestic Animals & Pets’, our matches would narrow down to only those with that specific field of work, and umbrella categories such as ‘Animal Welfare’.

What does ‘Exact matches only’ mean?

If we were to also toggle on ‘Exact matches only’ for the above example, then it would weed out any matches for a broader umbrella category.

We would only see matches that contain the specific ‘Animal Welfare - Domestic Animals & Pets’ field of work, instead of matches that might only contain the broader umbrella term ‘Animal Welfare.”

To learn more about spotting umbrella keywords versus specific keywords, watch this 4-minute video “Understand Keyword Coloring to get more specific matches.”

What if you filter by multiple fields of work?

If you were to select two fields of work, your matches would filter down to those that show one of the two fields of work, or both in the case that a match contains both fields of work.

This means fields of work are treated as ‘or’ statements rather than ‘and’ statements.

If you have questions about fields of work filtering, send us a message using the chat bubble or email us at [email protected].

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