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Streamline funder relationships with Instrumentl’s improved grant and funder tracking
Streamline funder relationships with Instrumentl’s improved grant and funder tracking
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Instrumentl strives to streamline your grant tracking process, which is why we’ve redesigned the saved opportunity modal and added additional fields to give you better tracking capabilities.

Now you can:

  • Manage your entire history with a funder in one place

  • Record funder notes and funder contacts

  • Select new statuses

  • Track award period start and end dates

  • Securely save funder portal logins

Manage your entire history with a funder in one place

When you click into a saved opportunity from your Tracker, you’ll notice that a funder modal populates, with that specific saved opportunity selected.

This new view showcases the Funder Profile at the top left, as well as the complete history of Funding Opportunities with that funder on the left hand side.

Clicking into the Funder Profile will populate the funder insights as well as two new fields, Funder Notes and Funder Contacts.

Record Funder Notes and Funder Contacts

Instrumentl now allows users to input Funder Notes and Funder Contacts. These fields can be seen across all opportunities with a funder.

When you are viewing a Saved Opportunity, you’ll see familiar features on the right hand side. You’ll see the status, fiscal year, project, application cycle, and account owner. You’ll also see your Opportunity Notes and Tasks section.

Select new statuses

We recently made some adjustments to our status selections. We separated ‘In Progress’ into ‘LOI In Progress’ and ‘Application In Progress’, as well as separated ‘Submitted’ into ‘LOI Submitted’ and ‘Application Submitted’. We also added the status ‘Closed’.

For more information on these new statuses, check out this article on new status selections.

Notice how when clicked into an opportunity, there are three headings at the top: Funding Opportunity, Dates & Amounts, and Documents & Resources.

When clicking into the Funding Opportunity, you’ll see the overview of the grant, including the fields of work, funding uses, location of project, eligibility, etc.

In the Dates & Amounts section, you’ll be able to add any dates and monetary amounts associated with the funding opportunity.

Track award period start and end dates

Notice for the awarded opportunity below, there are two new fields: ‘Start of grant period’ and ‘End of grant period’. These are optional fields for awarded grants intended to keep your post-award management more organized in Instrumentl.

Securely save Funder Portal logins

Under the Documents & Resources header, you’ll find Funder Portal credentials and documents you’ve uploaded for this opportunity.

Funder Portal credentials are a new field we’ve added to keep the funder’s website, your username, and your password all in one place.

If you have any questions about these new features, feel free to send us a message using the chat bubble when logged in or email us at [email protected].

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