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How can I add more users to my account?
How can I add more users to my account?

Invite teammates to share your Instrumentl account

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Look for the Account then Manage Team button on your left navigation to add new teammates to your account.

Enter the the first name, last name, and email address of the person you would like to add and then click the green "Add user" button.

Adding someone to your account will give them full access to all your projects and matches.

If you've reached the limit for users on your account, you can purchase new users for $5/user per month.

Purchase additional users by updating your plan

  1. Visit Account then Settings from your left navigation

  2. Select 'Manage your subscription'

  3. Select 'Change your plan'

  4. Update your plan to include the desired number of users and click 'Confirm Payment'.

**You will only be charged a prorated amount for the additional user. You will not be charged the total for the entire plan that is reflected.

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