View a foundation's past grantees

View funder insights such as key people, trends in assets and giving over the years, and past grantees by state

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You can view a foundation's past grantees, median grant size, key people, and more directly from a grant page.

Here's how to do it:

  • Click on the grant you want to learn more about

  • Click on the "Funder 990 Report" tab

Here you'll find a list of key people, median grant size, and past grantees - you can even filter those past grantees by state by clicking "All States" to see the individual organizations that received prior funding, and what their grant purpose was.

Saving directly from the 990 report page

You can keep track of 990 reports by saving them directly to your tracker. If the foundation has active grants, then select the grant you’d like to save along with it. Look for the green "Save" button on the top right corner of the opportunity page.

If the foundation doesn’t have an active grant, you can create a custom grant record for yourself by hitting "Save" on the Foundation's page, give the opportunity any name you want, assign it to an Instrumentl project, and hit "Save."

Accessing all 990 PDFs

Instrumentl is home to every foundation’s 990! Look for the 990 Forms PDF box on every 990 report.

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