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Foundation Discovery (Funder Matches)
Foundation Discovery (Funder Matches)

Learn about how Instrumentl will match you to private foundations

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With Foundation Discovery, you can now get intelligently matched to good fit funders that may be invite only or don’t even have a website! Previously on Instrumentl, you were only matched to open Opportunities across foundation, corporate and government sources.

Now Foundation Discovery is helping you surface good fit funders that may not be so visible, but who you may want to start building a relationship with.

Within your Instrumentl Matches, look for the new tab Funder Matches.

Relationship building is key to going after any funder. With invite-only funders, however, your funding strategy will rely on relationship building. Foundation Discovery gives you the insights and clues to completing that first outreach by providing you with the funder’s Contact Information, Key People on their Board, and who their Past Grantees are.

If you would rather exclude invite-only funders from your matches, you can filter them out by de-selecting the box “Include invite-only funders.”

Scroll down the Funder page on the right hand side to see their Application Information for instructions on if and how you can apply, their deadline, and where to send applications.

When browsing through your matched Funders, you will have immediate access to this funder’s Advanced Funder Insights, so you can see their Openness to New Grantees, Giving by NTEE Code, Past Grantees, and more - all in one place.

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Once you’ve decided whether to pursue this Funder, hit Save or Hide to move this funder out of your Matches.

With everything in one view, now your Instrumentl Matches will show you active opportunities and funders that may not be so visible, while utilizing Advanced Funder Insights to help you more quickly determine the good fit funders for your organization.

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