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Consultant Plans: Onboarding tips

How to ensure your Client Profiles are set up correctly on the Consultant Plan

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If you're on a Consultant Plan, make sure your Client Profiles are set up correctly to receive better location matches, and allow your tracker and reports to reflect the profile's fiscal year.

Step 1: Create a new Client Profile for each of your clients

  • Go to your bottom left Account > Client Profiles

  • Click the green + Add a Profile

  • Under Client Profile Name, type in the name of the nonprofit

    • If you had multiple User Profiles, they will each have converted into a Client Profile named after the user. You can delete these if you are no longer using them, or edit them to rename them after the client.

  • Under “Where is your client registered?”, look up the county tied to the nonprofit's 501c3 registration address (where they're headquartered / based)

    • Note: you do NOT want to leave this as a broader state tag, or a broader country tag. Please choose the county that the nonprofit's 501c3 registration address is tied to.

    • If there were any broader state tags (i.e. “California”) or country tag (“United States”) please remove them with the “x” mark

  • Select a fiscal year to use for that client’s tracker and reports

  • Hit Save

Step 2: Ensure existing projects are tied to the correct Client Profile

  • Click the project name from the left hand project navigation bar

  • Click Edit Project

  • Navigate to the 2nd drop down: Client Profile

  • Select the appropriate Client Profile

  • Save and Exit

Linking Subscriptions to easily navigate between separate accounts*

*Note: Only relevant if you have both a personal Instrumentl account and one (or more) of your nonprofit clients has their own Instrumentl account

To link the accounts:

  • Ask the nonprofit to invite you as a user under their bottom left Account > Settings

    • They should use the same email that’s tied to your personal consulting account

  • Once you’ve been invited, you’ll be able to toggle between your own account and the clients’ accounts under your top “Viewing: ___” banner

  • Note that if your contract with this client ends, the client will need to remove you from the account. Consultants cannot delete themselves from the nonprofit’s account.

If you run into any questions, feel free to reach out through the chat bubble or send us an email to [email protected]

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