Filter your Matches by past giving location

Narrow down your Matches to funders who have a history of giving in your area

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Instrumentl provides you with a comprehensive list of Funding Opportunity Matches.

Filtering those matches by past giving location can help you refine your search.

You now have the ability to filter matches to funders who have given to your same location of project, or your same location of residency.

Filtering by past giving is a feature available on our Standard and Professional Plans.

What is the difference between Location of Project and Location of Residency?

How does it work?

When reviewing the matches for your project, you’ll see both past giving to orgs with my location of project and past giving to orgs with my location of residency as filtering options. Filtering by either location will narrow down your results to funders who have given to at least one of your locations of project/residency in the past.

If you select both location of project and location of residency for past giving, this works as an OR statement. That means your Matches will filter down to Funding Opportunities that either have given to one of your project locations or one of your residency locations.

For our example, we can filter down our results to those with past giving locations that match our location of project.

These locations include Contra Costa County and San Francisco County.

Notice how hovering over the ‘i’ icon shows the past locations included in this filter.

This will filter down to all matches that have past giving to either of the above counties.

If you have questions about filtering matches by past giving location, feel free to send us a message using the chat bubble or email us at [email protected].

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