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Celebrate your wins by checking out Instrumentl Statistics

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Instantly see your impact and impress your board by checking out Your Stats (Beta)!

The statistics included are Amount Awarded, Time Saved, Number of New Matches, Number of New Opportunities, Number of Grants Saved to Tracker, and Number of Reports Created.

Go to Account > Your Stats to get started!

Overall Amount Awarded

First up, you’ll see your all-time amount awarded using Instrumentl. Directly benchmark this amount to your grant fundraising goals to see your overall progress.

Hours Saved

Next up, you’ll see your all-time hours saved using Instrumentl. We do the heavy-lifting research for you so you can spend more time winning those grants!

This is calculated by summing all the grants you’ve ever saved or hidden from your Matches and multiplying it by three hours, the typical amount of time customers have shared with us that they save in prospect research. You can learn more about our impact study here.

Number of New Matches

Check out how many new matches you’ve received in the last three months using this statistic.

If you have ever found yourself overwhelmed with how many matches you are receiving, click ‘Learn how to edit your project’ to refine your results and hone in on the best-fit opportunities.

Number of New Opportunities

Our content team is hard at work building a more comprehensive database day by day.

If you are ever curious how many new Funding Opportunities were added to Instrumentl in a given week, check out this statistic.

Number of Grants Saved to Trackers

See how many grants you’ve saved to your Instrumentl Trackers!

It’s important to keep your funding opportunities organized as they go through the pipeline, which is why we recommend using our tracking capabilities to the fullest!

Click ‘Learn more grant tracking & management best practices’ to tune up your grant tracking skills.

Number of Reports Created

Last but not least, see many many reports you've created! This is a great way to impress your board and keep other team members in the loop.

Learn more about the types of reports available on Instrumentl here.

Have any questions about Your Stats? Send us a message using the chat bubble when logged in or email us at [email protected].

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