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Learn about how to monitor incoming payments for opportunities in your Tracker

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Instrumentl is committed to being a one-stop shop for grant management and tracking. We know folks need a robust way to monitor expenses, which is why we have just released Payments Tracking.

Payments Tracking is a feature exclusive to the Professional and Custom Plans.

Payments Tracking Fields for Opportunities

Under the Payments tab for each awarded opportunity, you’ll see fields such as Date Expected, Date Received, Amount, and Details. You’ll also be shown a running total of the amount you have received vs. the amount you expect to receive.

This way, you can track the specific payment dates and amounts for each awarded opportunity and stay on top of your finances!

Payment Stats in Awards View

When in the Awards View, you’ll be able to quickly see your payment statistics for each fiscal year. This graph takes into account both the expected amount and received amount to ensure you are up to date on your payments.

Hovering over the bar for each fiscal year will show you what amount of money comprises the percentage received and expected.

Payment Columns in Awards Report

We’ve added brand new columns to the Awards Report so you can now export payment tracking details.

If an awarded opportunity has payments associated, this information about the payment will be included in the Awards Report. This includes information such as Payment Amount, Date Expected, Date Received, and Notes.

We’re excited to continue improving Instrumentl's post-award management! If you have any questions about Payments Tracking, be sure to send us a chat or email us at [email protected].

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