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Learn about the new Awards View, Award Statistics, and how to download an Awards Report!

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Instrumentl aspires to be the most robust grant management software for our users.

We know how important managing awarded grants is, which is why we have created the brand new Awards View.

You now have the ability to view all of your awarded grants in one place on the Tracker, view statistics for awarded grants, and download an Awards Report.

Awards View is a feature available on our Standard and Professional Plans.

Awards Tab

When viewing your Tracker, you’ll be able to see all of your awarded grants in one place by clicking into the Awards tab.

The Tracker’s columns change slightly in the Awards tab, to show you the most vital information for those awarded grants.

For comparison, we can look at the Tracker columns when in the View All tab. Notice how the column titles are: Name, Owner, Deadline, Status, Amount, Next Task, and Notes.

When you toggle to the Awards tab, these column titles change slightly. Notice how the Deadline column is renamed to Grant Period and the Next Task column is renamed to Next Report.

The Tracker will default to sort by Start of Grant Period, and you can change the sorting if you’d like by clicking on the Grant Period drop down.

These slight tweaks in the Awards View are intended to keep you better organized when managing awarded grants.

Awarded Statistics

With the new Awards View, you’ll also see Award Statistics just above the Tracker.

Here you’ll see your total amount awarded and a breakdown of that awarded amount by funder type. Notice how you can choose to view this amount awarded by funder type by dollar amount, or by number or grants awarded.

You’ll also be able to quickly see your next report due with a countdown until the due date. Next to that, you’ll see the number of incomplete Tasks for the current month.

Awards Report

Want to see all of your awarded grants in one, concise report? You can now do so with the Awards Report!

When on the Tracker view, navigate to the ‘Reports’ button near the top right.

Select ‘Create Report’ for the Awards Report. You’ll then be prompted to select Projects, Statuses, Owner, and Date Range. Once finished, click ‘Create report’ > ‘Download CSV / Excel’.

Then, a CSV / Excel file will download with all of your awarded grant information. This includes columns such as: Year, Project, Funder Name, Opportunity Name, Owner, Grant Period Dates, Status, Amount Awarded, Next Report Description and Deadline, Notes, Contact Information, etc.

To view other Instrumentl reports, click here.

If you have any questions about the new Awards View or Awards Report, be sure to email us at [email protected] or send us a message using the chat bubble when logged in.

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