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How to add a reporting deadline and other tasks to a funding opportunity
How to add a reporting deadline and other tasks to a funding opportunity

Use tasks to receive specific reminders about grants, and add reporting deadlines on Instrumentl

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From your Tracker, click into any grant. Navigate to Tasks by either clicking into 'Tasks' on the righthand side, or by clicking the 'Tasks' sub-header underneath the funding opportunity title.

Once you are clicked into the Tasks sub-header, you will see all of your Tasks for the specific funding opportunity. Click '+ Add Task' to create a new Task.

If you click the drop down field for Task Type, you can select 'Report' for a reporting deadline, and include a Description, Deadline, Assignee, and Collaborator(s). Please note that the Task Type and Deadline fields are optional.

Email notifications will be sent 2 weeks before the deadline, 1 week before, 1 day before, and the day of to collaborators. If you do not select a deadline for the Task, you will not receive email notifications.

Log completed tasks by clicking on the check mark icon next to the task. This will mark a task as complete, and stop any email notifications.

If you are on our Standard or Professional Plan, you are able to view all your Tasks in one place! Read more about that here.

Have custom fields (like priority status, expected notification date, etc.) that you'd like to store in Instrumentl? This can easily be achieved using Custom Fields available on our Professional Plan! Read more about that here.

If you have any questions about Tasks, feel free to email us at [email protected] or send us a message using the chat bubble when logged in!

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