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How to record a funder response
How to record a funder response

Learn how to record a funder's response in your Grant Tracker

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Once you hear back from a funder about a grant application you've submitted, you can record their response directly in your Grant Tracker for future reference.

To record a response:

  1. Click on the grant in question from your Grant Tracker to open up the grant page

  2. Locate the Status drop down in the Grant Actions section to the right of the grant page.

  3. Change the Status from Application Submitted to Awarded or Declined depending on the funder's response.

If you select a Status of 'Awarded-Active' or 'Awarded-Closed' you'll have the option of entering the following additional information:

  • Date notified

  • Amount awarded (amounts here will be added to the stats you see at the top of your Grant Tracker)

For a Status of 'Declined', you'll have the option of entering the date notified.

Once all information has been entered, select 'Done' at the bottom right hand corner of the grant page. Your funder response has been recorded!

Learn more about statuses here!

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