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Enhance your tracking capabilities with our new Custom Fields! This feature transforms how you store and access vital information. Gone are the days of sifting through cluttered notes. With Custom Fields, you can effortlessly capture and organize essential data such as priority status, winning probability, renewal dates, restrictions, internal IDs, and more. This feature presents your information in an easily readable format, streamlining your data management and improving efficiency.

How can Custom Fields be Used?

Custom Fields can be assigned to Opportunities and Funders. Custom Fields are useful for creating priorities, tracking communication and more. Here are some examples:


  • Basics

    • funder type

    • username/passwords for funder portal

    • link to funder website

  • Funder insights

    • average grant amount

    • average giving

    • geographic focus

    • mission

    • link to 990


  • Prospecting

    • grant focus / funding uses

    • probability / risk

    • fit: good, medium, or poor

    • key points of feedback from leadership

    • application guidelines

    • eligibility / restrictions

    • reporting requirements

  • Organization

    • organization divisions, chapters, colleges

  • Grant attributes

    • new/renewal

    • grant type, e.g. general operating, capital, matching, sub-grant

    • grant contract number

    • source

  • Financial

    • yield for revenue planning and projections

    • outstanding balance

    • award vs. budget

    • payment frequency (one-time, 4x/year)

  • Consultants:

    • client pricing per grant proposal

  • Cultivation & stewardship

    • relationship liaison

    • tracking correspondence

    • preferred communication method

    • last contacted date

How to Create Custom Fields

To create a custom field, navigate to the left navigation menu and select Account --> Custom Fields. Then select +Add Field.

Next, you will complete all required information: Field Name, Type, and Appears On.

Field Name is the name of the field you'd like to track, for example,

Type defines the type of field, for example, text, date, amount and dropdown.

If you select dropdown, you'll be able to create the options for your dropdown menu.

Appears On assigns the Custom Field to an Opportunity or a Funder. If you want to have the same Custom Field for both Opportunities and Funders, you will create two of the same fields and assign one to Opportunities and one to Funders.

Once you've completed all required information, click the Save button. Now you're ready to utilize the Custom Fields you've created by navigating to an Opportunity or Funder!

Where do Custom Fields appear?

Custom Fields conveniently appear in three places: on the 1) Funder Modal, 2) Tracker, and 3) CSV Reports.

1) Funder Modal

When you click on an Opportunity or Funder, you'll see a separate tab called Custom Fields which contains the fields.

2) Tracker

Click Edit Columns to display your Custom Fields as columns on your Tracker.

3) CSV Reports

To export, simply navigate to /reports and create an Opportunity Report, Awards Report, or Funder Report. All of your Custom Fields will be included in the CSV reports.

This feature is included in Pro and Custom Plans. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how to use this new feature! Just use the chat bubble when you're logged in, or email us at [email protected].

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