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When should I move a grant to the "Abandoned" status?
When should I move a grant to the "Abandoned" status?

The difference between Removing a Grant from your Tracker vs. marking it "Abandoned"

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The biggest difference between Removing a Grant from your Tracker completely vs. marking it as "Abandoned" is whether you want to continue receiving email notifications about that grant's future deadlines.

Marking a grant as "Abandoned"

The "Abandoned" status should be used if you might reconsider applying to this grant in the future.

For example, maybe you started researching this grant and writing the application, but then other priorities took over and you never officially submitted the grant for this cycle.

Marking that grant as Abandoned would allow you to store the details about which year and which cycle you initially worked on that grant.

Grant left in "Abandoned" will ensure you continue receiving reminders about future cycles in your weekly Monday Deadline Digest emails.

Removing a Grant

If you have decided that the grant is not a good fit and you would never consider applying in the future, then you can Remove the Grant from your Tracker. This will ensure you don't continue receiving email reminders about that opportunity.

To remove a grant:

  • Find the grant you want to delete from your tracker, and click to open it.

  • On the right-hand side, scroll down and click the More Options button.

  • Select Remove from Tracker

  • In the next window, click Remove Grant to confirm.

This will move the grant to your "Hidden from this Project" list. If needed, you can always retrieve by navigating to your Project's Matches tab > Hidden from this Project.

If you run into any questions, reach out through the chat bubble :)

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