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Fall '23 updates
Overview of Instrumentl’s fall ‘23 updates
Overview of Instrumentl’s fall ‘23 updates

Get up to speed on our newest improvements for grant prospecting and tracking in Instrumentl

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With Instrumentl’s fall ‘23 launch, we’ve added several new features to handle pre-award and post-award management in one place. Rest assured you can declutter your calendars, better monitor the inflow of funds, and collaborate with your team in a single workspace.

These new features include: Award Tracking, Tasks View & Improvements, External Docs in Document Library, Customizable & Shareable Calendars, Tracking Only Projects, and the New Grant Overview Tab.

1. Award Tracking

Say goodbye to scattered information and poor tracking. With Awards Tracking, you'll efficiently manage your awarded grants, whether you want to manage your grant disbursements and reimbursements or see all your awarded grants in one place.

Our brand new Awards View allows you to see all of your awards at a glance, with the Tracker's columns customized to show you the most important information. The statistics dashboard quickly shows you a breakdown of your awards, as well as action items to keep you on track. Read more about Awards View here.

You can also efficiently track payments on each opportunity, see a breakdown of these payments in your dashboard, and export these payment fields into an Awards Report. Read more about Payment Tracking here.

2. Tasks View & Improvements

We’ve added a brand new tab specifically for tasks within your Projects Tracker and the Funder Modal so that you can see all your tasks are in one place. Whether looking at all Projects or a specific Project, you can navigate to the tasks tab and see your to-do list clearly laid out. Likewise, we moved the tasks view in the Funder Modal from the right-hand margin to its own tab.

Additional tasks improvements include new task types and deadlines no longer being required. Read more about Tasks View here.

3. External Docs in Document Library

Instrumentl's Document Library now supports external links, allowing you to integrate online documents directly into your grant management workflow. Whether it's Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, or any other platform, you can now link directly to your opportunities, ensuring all relevant materials are at your fingertips.

This will prevent you from having to download and re-upload documents from one source to another, saving you time. Read more about uploading external docs to the Document Library here.

4. Customizable & Shareable Calendars

Managing complex grant timelines is now a breeze. Enjoy the flexibility of including specific projects to your calendar, filter by status, and stay on track with tasks that are relevant to you. Forget about cluttered calendars: effortlessly manage tasks and deadlines with a calendar that adapts to your requirements.

You can also share these customizable calendar links with folks not on your Instrumentl account. Read more about customizable & shareable calendar links here.

5. Tracking Only Projects

In the past, every new project matched you with relevant grants. Now, you can keep track of relevant funder deadlines without having to set up a new search. Include all your projects and past grant opportunities regardless of whether or not you want to start pursuing new opportunities.

6. New Grant Overview Tab

Tired of hunting for grant information? The Grant Overview Tab is your one-stop destination for consolidated grant information. Now your key grant details are centralized in an easily accessible location.

To see if these new features are included in your plan, be sure to check out our pricing page.

Interested in upgrading to the Standard or Professional Plan? You can do so by clicking this link when logged in and navigating to 'Edit Plan'.

Instrumentl continues to evolve, empowering you with tools to excel in grant management. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we redefine the grant management experience.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these new features. Just use the chat bubble when you’re logged in, or email us at [email protected].

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