Budget Spenddown

Learn how Instrumentl can help your team streamline grant budgeting and spending

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Instrumentl is committed to being your all-in-one platform for grant management and tracking. We know Grant Managers and Program Teams need a streamlined way to monitor grant finances, which is why we have just released Budget Spenddown.

Budget Spenddown is a feature exclusive to the Professional and Custom Plans.

Import Expenses from your Accounting Tool

*In the current state, we'll have you set up a call with our team experts to import your expenses to ensure the process is smooth-running.

The first step to Budget Spenddown is importing your expenses into Instrumentl. Under the Financials tab, you'll be able to attach a CSV documenting your expenses.

You'll be asked to fill out our template to ensure the import is successful.

From there, you'll finish the import by mapping awards and setting budgets.

Once that is through, you are ready to begin tracking spenddown!

Track Spending Overall

When clicked into the Awards View of your Tracker, your dashboard shows you how your Spenddown is tracking.

It defaults to show the percentage, but hovering over the statistic will show you both the amount available and total amount spent.

You'll also see a Spenddown column in your Tracker, showing you how are expenses are tracking for each award at a glance.

Monitor Spending for Each Award

When clicked into the Financials tab for a specific opportunity in your Tracker, you can see the overview of spending for that specific award.

Here lies information such as Award Amount, Amount Spent, Amount Remaining, and how you are tracking during the spend period as displayed on a graph. You'll also see an "Off Track" or "On Track" icon. This is calculated based on the amount you've spent thus far and where you are in the grant period.

Underneath the Overview section, you'll find the breakdown of your budget organized by category, date, description, amount budgeted and amount spent.

Budget Spenddown eliminates uncertainty over grant financials with intuitive visuals for smarter decision-making.

We’re excited to continue improving Instrumentl's post-award management! If you have any questions about Payments Tracking, be sure to send us a chat or email us at hello@instrumentl.com.

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