What makes Instrumentl different?

Learn about what makes Instrumentl the best grant prospecting and tracking tool on the market

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Instrumentl stands as the premier grant prospecting and tracking tool available to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations for several important reasons.

Instrumentl is a matchmaker

As a 'matchmaker', Instrumentl shows you only the grants that are relevant to your organization/program's criteria, saving you time in the research process.

Instrumentl focuses on active grant opportunities

Instrumentl is focused on helping you stay aware of active grant opportunities & deadlines, as opposed to only funders (although you can search all private foundations registered in the US as well!).

Instrumentl is comprehensive

Instrumentl has the most comprehensive database in the market, bringing together grants from private foundations, public charities, corporate funders, and state & federal government agencies.

Instrumentl is user-friendly

Instrumentl is universally known to be intuitive and user-friendly. Very little training is required to become an Instrumentl pro!

Instrumentl makes it easy to vet prospects

Instrumentl's standardized grant pages and 990 report summaries make it super easy to vet potential grant opportunities and funders (example here).

Instrumentl searches for grants on your behalf

Instrumentl searches for grants 24/7 and adds relevant opportunities to your pipeline of prospects automatically - you'll receive notifications when new grants arise so you're always up-to-date.

Instrumentl lets you know when there are changes to your grants

Instrumentl alerts you when changes occur to an opportunity you have saved - for instance if a deadline or funder's priority areas change.

Instrumentl's Grant Tracker makes tracking your deadlines and grant history a breeze

Instrumentl comes with an embedded project management tool & CRM called the Grant Tracker that allows you to keep track of your upcoming grant calendar for the year as well as store & manage your organization's grant history. The Grant Tracker also features: both automatic and custom deadline reminders for your upcoming grants, task-setting for you & your team, proposal submission & funder response tracking, and grant related document storage, among other things.

To learn more or try Instrumentl for yourself, sign up for a 14-day free trial from our homepage or email us at [email protected].

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