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Why is my project 'locked'?
Why is my project 'locked'?

Learn about locked projects and how to unlock them

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Depending on the plan you are subscribed to, you have a certain project limit. If you notice that one of your projects is locked (look for the lock symbol next to the project name), this means that you have reached your maximum number of projects for the plan you purchased. 

To unlock a project you have 2 options:

Purchase additional projects by updating your plan

  1. Visit Account >> Settings from your left navigation

  2. Select 'Manage your subscription' 

  3. Select  'Change your plan'

  4. Update your plan to include the desired number of projects

  5. Once your plan has been updated to include a larger number of projects, your project will be unlocked

Alternatively, you can select the locked project from the left of your screen, then select the 'Add additional projects' button. This will bring you directly to the page where you can update your plan.

Delete existing projects to make room for the locked project

If you would like to unlock a locked project but keep the existing number of projects in the plan you purchased, you can delete active projects to make room for the locked project.

To delete an active project:

  1. Select the project you'd like to delete from the left of your screen

  2. Select 'Edit Project' at the top right

  3. Select 'Delete project' 

Note that before you delete a project you may want to move all the saved grants from that project to another active project so your data isn't lost.

Once an active project has been deleted, the locked project will become unlocked.

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