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Learn how to add your historical grants to Instrumentl in bulk by importing a spreadsheet

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If you'd like to avoid adding historical records one at a time, Instrumentl makes it easy for you to upload a spreadsheet of historical grants! Our team will review the imported data and add it to your Tracker on your behalf.

To upload a spreadsheet or list of historical grants, select the green +Add New button at the top right of your Grant Tracker and choose the 'Import your grants spreadsheet' option.

From there, you'll be prompted to download our template. The first five rows in that template are mandatory. Those are:

  • Foundation Name

  • Funding Opportunity Name

  • Status

  • Instrumentl Project Name

  • Year

If you are tracking a funder that does not have an open Funding Opportunity, you can leave that cell blank and we will auto-fill that field in with 'Funder Name + Grant'. For example, if we were tracking the Ford Foundation and they did not have an open opportunity, we would title the Funding Opportunity as 'Ford Foundation Grant'.

The rest of the columns in the spreadsheet are optional. Once you submit your spreadsheet, our team will get started and let you know once the import is complete. Please note that these imports are done manually by one of our team members and are not automatic.

If you have any questions about importing your historical data, email us at [email protected] or send us a message using the chat bubble when logged in!

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