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What does it mean when an opportunity deadline is 'predicted'?
What does it mean when an opportunity deadline is 'predicted'?

Learn the difference between predicted and confirmed deadlines

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Until our content team is able to confirm with a funder that their upcoming deadline is the same as it was the year prior, the deadline will be marked as 'predicted' on the grant page:

Once an upcoming deadline is confirmed, it will no longer be marked as 'predicted' on the grant page. In addition, if the confirmed deadline is different than the predicted deadline used, you will receive an email alerting you to the change if you've saved the grant to your Grant Tracker. You will still need to go in and manually change your chosen submission deadline within your Grant Tracker.

If you ever have information about an upcoming deadline that is still marked as 'predicted' on Instrumentl, please let us know using the 'Suggest an update' icon at the top right of each grant page. 

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