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Spring '23 updates
Overview of Instrumentl’s spring ‘23 updates
Overview of Instrumentl’s spring ‘23 updates

Get up to speed on our newest improvements for grant prospecting and tracking in Instrumentl

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With Instrumentl’s spring ‘23 launch, we’ve added several new features to our grant prospecting, tracking, and management tools to help you save more time and apply for more grants.

These new features are: Additional fields for tracking grants, Improved grant & funder tracking, New preset reports, New filters for Opportunity Matches, and Your Stats (Beta).

1. Additional fields for tracking grants

Available on all plans

Level up your grant tracking with our new fields. We’ve added new status selections and award period start and end dates to keep your Funding Opportunities orderly.

Read more about new status selections here.

We’ve also added new fields to track funder information. Previously, you may have been storing all of your notes in the Opportunity Notes field. In your funder view, you can now add Funder Contacts and Funder Notes.

Learn about these new funder fields here.

Never forget a funder portal password again! You now have the option to store funder portal credentials directly in Instrumentl.

All login credentials you add are securely encrypted when stored and accessible to everyone on your account.

Learn how to store your funder portal credentials here.

2. Improved grant & funder tracking (Redesign of “Saved to Tracker”)

Available on all plans

See your entire history with a funder in one place. Our new funder view shows the funder 990 insights near the top, as well as all past opportunities with the funder on the left hand side.

Learn more about the redesigned funder view here.

3. New preset reports

Available on all plans

In the past, users were able to download an Opportunity Report. We’ve now expanded our report options so you can extract a wider range of data from Instrumentl. The four report options are: Opportunities, Tasks, Contacts, and Funders.

Read more about our new reports here.

4. New filters for Opportunity Matches

Location and Field of Work filtering available on all plans

Past giving filtering available on Standard and Professional Plans

Refine your Opportunity Matches with the click of a button using our new filtering options. You can now filter by fields of work, filter by location, and filter by past giving location.

5. Your Stats (Beta)

Available on all plans

With Your Stats, you can more easily celebrate your wins in Instrumentl with your organization, while also learning new ways to use the platform! See information such as total grants marked awarded, time saved prospecting, and more!

Learn more about Your Stats here.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these new features. Just use the chat bubble when you’re logged in, or email us at [email protected].

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