What is the Basic Plan?

An in-depth review of the features included in the Basic Plan

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The Instrumentl Basic Plan includes: Application Cycles, Smart Grant Matching, Foundation Profiles, Grant Tracker, Automatic Deadline Reminders, Tasks, Document Library, and CSV & PDF reports. 5 projects and 3 users are included (additional users are $5/month/user).

Application Cycles: Simplify deadline tracking by choosing an Application Cycle. Applications with multiple steps, such as a letter of inquiry (LOI) & full proposal, are treated as one unit.

Smart Grant Matching: Tell us about your organization and current project(s) to see active funding opportunities that match. Now, the opportunities come to you!

Foundation Profiles: Access rich foundation profiles with links to Form 990s, specific grant programs and deadlines to learn about the funders.

Grant Tracker: Keep all of your potential funding opportunities in one place. Organize and track saved funding opportunities by year, application stage, and project.

Automatic Deadline Reminders: Instrumentl's intelligent deadline system magically stays up-to-date. Get weekly emails with all your upcoming deadlines and funder deadline changes.

Tasks: Create tasks for your custom milestones, such as reporting deadlines or draft due dates, to keep you and your team on track.

Document Library: Keep all your grant documents stored, organized, and easily accessible in one place so your team has a single source of truth.

CSV & PDF Reports: Export your saved grants pipeline into an easy-to-read PDF or CSV, and impress your board members and colleagues.

Application Cycles

Simplify deadline tracking with Application Cycles. Select the cycle you’re targeting, which could include multiple steps such as a letter of inquiry (LOI) & full-proposal. If the funder changes a deadline, we’ll notify you both in the platform and by email so you're always up to date. For more information about Application Cycles, click here.

Smart Grant Matching

Organization Profile

When you first set up your Instrumentl account, you will create an organization profile. Here you will identify where your organization is registered and your organization’s fiscal year.

Project Details

Next, you will tell us about the project(s) your organization is working on. You will input details such as the project name, applicant type, location, field of work, preferred grant size, etc.

Once this information is inputted, Instrumentl will match your organization’s project(s) to active funding opportunities. You’ll even get weekly email notifications that identify new matches to keep you up to date on your grant search.

Foundation Profiles

See a funder’s profile to learn about their past giving history. Access information such as other funding opportunities they host, contact information, financial statistics, past grantees, and direct links to their 990 forms!

Grant Tracker

Keep track of your funding opportunities in one place. Add opportunities from Instrumentl’s large database as well as opportunities found elsewhere. Organize your submission requests by year, application stage, and project. Update the status on submissions as you make progress and hear funder responses. For more information about the Grant Tracker, click here.

Automatic Deadline Reminders

You’ll never miss a deadline with Instrumentl’s Automatic Deadline Reminders. We’ll email you when a deadline for a saved opportunity on your tracker is approaching or when a funder changes their deadline.


Keep your team on track. Create tasks for your custom milestones, such as reporting deadlines or draft due dates and assign these tasks to team members. Collaborators will be notified when their task due dates are approaching so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity. For more information about tasks, click here.

Document Library

Easily store all your grant documents in the Document Library on Instrumentl. You’ll never misplace information again by keeping your documents together in one place. For more information about the Document Library, click here.

CSV & PDF Reports

Export your saved grants pipeline into an easy-to-read PDF or CSV, and impress your board members and colleagues. Create this PDF or CSV straight from your tracker with one click of a button. Customize this report to include specific projects, statuses, and date ranges. For more information about reports, click here.

Ready to sign up for our Basic Plan? Check out our pricing page here.

Have questions about the Basic Plan? Feel free to send us a message using the chat bubble or email us at [email protected].

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